Message to mothers on Mother’s Day

Today the Corner is dedicated to mothers.

On this special day it is time to congratulate and recognize the great value of our mothers. Not only at the family level, but especially at the «parish» level. Since my arrival at Blessed Trinity I have been able to see a living family that celebrates the faith with a special enthusiasm. A community so multicultural and diverse can only be sustained in this attitude of growth and welcome thanks to the tenderness and affection of so many mothers and grandmothers that one encounters at every step. This delicate touch of women with a high Christian commitment, with a mature Catholic identity and who at the same time are proud of their role in the community, make Blessed Trinity, more than a parish, a true home. Mothers with their intuition and natural wisdom are able to soften and lower tensions where the strength and objectivity of men might make the atmosphere rough. How many non-biological mothers have become more than mothers to me!

Virgen de la Leche y Buen Parto

To the grandmothers, who by having the joy of contemplating their children’s children, are doubly mothers, I would like to say: do not forget your mission. The history you have lived, the experience that life has given you, no one will be able to replace it in the family. Now that we are facing the emergence of a more individualistic culture of isolation and «discarding», do not let yourselves be distanced from the family. The role you play in the teaching of the faith, in the upbringing of grandchildren, no one will be able to play it better. You (and also the grandparents) are the memory of the family, and therefore, the foundation of identity and family pride.

To the mothers, to those who have said yes to life, in spite of all the challenges and adventures that Providence has placed in store for them along the way, thank you. Thank you for accepting the proposal to participate in the work of «creation». Have you not meditated on what it means to be «pro-creator» and «pro-genitor»? Congratulations! For God has wanted to make your marriage a replica of His creative and creative love.

In a society that promotes less and less motherhood and marriage, where the image that being a mother or being a married woman is a disadvantage is propagated, you have been faithful to your identity and nature. To be better mothers and wives, there you have the example of the Blessed Virgin, who cannot be outside your homes, and the example of so many saints who have adorned history with a mother’s heart. Gentleness, tenderness, prayer, femininity, listening, compassion, modesty, fidelity, character and respect are attributes that cannot be lacking in a good mother.

All of us who are sons, husbands, men of God, let us be capable of caring for this great gift at all times. If today we congratulate mothers, we should also congratulate all of us who are fortunate enough to enjoy their closeness. As the 31st chapter of Proverbs says: «A virtuous woman, where can she be found? She is more precious than a pearl. Her husband knows he can trust her: he will always come out ahead. She brings him happiness, without ups and downs, all the days of his life.» Happy Mother’s Day!

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