IANUA CAELI – Gate of Heaven

Our space dedicated to the Virgin Mary

By Dainier Lazo Deus, CM.

Priory of Cuba

With great pleasure I use this space in the magazine to write about someone special. Without a doubt, for some Christians, and even for those who are not, there is a woman who has captivated many. She is a humble woman, who was born in a small town. She was not the protagonist of a struggle for emancipation, she did not rebel against the established powers. She was, simply, a woman of her time and history, with her eyes and heart set on God.

What made her so renowned? Only one thing, that for some seems so simple, but not for others. She said «Yes» to God. Chosen from all women to be the bearer of the Hope of the New Covenant that God wished to establish with humankind, she became the Ark of Salvation, and even the Door through  which God wanted to enter the world. The name of this woman is Mariam or Mary.

Why name this space with one of the titles that the litanies give to Mary? To answer, I will take some notes that we can find in the Digital Catholic Encyclopedia:

She is the entrance and access to God, She is the eastern door of the temple of which the prophet speaks, because Jesus came to us there, … And she is at the same time, «the golden door of heaven through which we trust to enter one day in the repose of eternal bliss.» Through Mary we always find Jesus.

St. Alphonsus Maria de Ligorio affirms that Mary is the Door of Heaven because, just as every grace and pardon granted by the King passes through the door of his palace, so no grace descends from Heaven to Earth without passing through Mary’s hands.

The title of Heaven’s Gate suits the Virgin because of her intimate union with her Son, and for a certain participation in the fullness of power and mercy that derives from Christ Our Lord. He is, in his own right and principal, the path and the entrance to Glory, since by his Passion and Death he opened the Gates of Heaven, which before were closed. We call Mary the Door of Heaven because, with her omnipotent Intercession, she provides us with the necessary help to reach Heaven and enter the very throne of God, where our Father awaits us.

Furthermore, since Jesus came to us through that heavenly door, let us go to Her to find Him, since «Mary is always the way that leads to Christ. Every encounter with her is necessarily resolved in an encounter with Christ himself. What else does the continual recourse to Mary mean, but to search in her arms, in her and through her and with her, to Christ, our Savior? Always, like the Magi in Bethlehem, we find Jesus with Mary, his Mother. That is why it has been said so many times that devotion to the Virgin is a sign of predestination. She ensures that her children are on the right path  that leads to the Father’s House. And if we ever get sidetracked, she will use her powerful resources to get us back on track, and she will give us her hand – like any good mother – so that we do not stray again. And if we fall, she will raise us.”[1]

Having read the above, how do we not call this space «The Gate of Heaven».  The idea that we have with this space is that it will be like an antechamber to the Kingdom, and that, God willing, it may be to the liking of all those who recognize Her as a true Mother.
With these good wishes I invite all the Knights and Ladies of the Most Holy Trinity to intensify their love and trust in our Immaculate Mother, the Queen of the Trinitarian Militia, since our affection and devotion for what is «Heaven’s Gate» lead to a more concrete commitment in works that seek to advance the Kingdom of her beloved Son, of which she herself is a consummate scoop. In the next issue we will continue with more.

Hail Mary Most Pure!


[1]EncyclopediaCatólica/FICHAS/ORACION/HABLAR/TEMAS_02_novena_y_fiesta_inmaculada.htm/Puerta del Cielo.


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