Homily on Thursday of the Second Week of Easter

St. Vincent de Paul used to say, following the very ancient Tradition of the Church, that the two most important mysteries of Christianity are the Most Holy Trinity and the Incarnation of the Word. Precisely, there is no better test to recognize if someone is a Christian or not than to examine him in the faith of these two fundamental mysteries: Have you ever had the opportunity to explain in simple language these two mysteries of our faith?

The Gospel of St. John, which not without reason has been identified with the Eagle (one of the four living beings that appear in the book of the Prophet Ezekiel) has the particularity of approaching the Mystery of the Son of God in a unique way, as none of the other three synoptic gospels do. St. John, like the eagle, flies high. He soars high in his thoughts and reflection on the Person of Jesus, his works, gestures, signs and discourses.

For John, Jesus is the eternal Logos of the Father, who, being One and Eternal with the Father, hidden from before time in the bosom of God the Father and in the loving communion of the Holy Spirit, when the fullness of time came, wanted to descend and pitch his tent in our midst. The eternal Son of the Father, taking as his executing lever, the YES of the Virgin Mary, became human like one of us. Equal to all of us, except in sin.

In the Incarnation of the Word and thanks to that Incarnation, the New Testament or Covenant is inaugurated, which puts an end to the time in which we could not have a palpable and understandable idea in our own language of who God is. Christ has come out of the bosom of the Trinity to make it known, after centuries, even more, after millennia of concealment. The Incarnation reveals the Trinity to us and only in the Trinity is the Incarnation understood.

In contemplating Christ we are contemplating the very face of the Father, whom no one had been able to contemplate before. God has broken the silence of his hidden mystery to make himself accessible to our nature, mind and senses. No one can say that He cannot be seen, no one can say that He is not close to us, no one can say that He does not walk close to us.

With the Incarnation of the Word, God has come to assume and redeem our History. He wanted to penetrate the DNA of every molecule, atom and cell that He has created and impregnate all things with the strength and energy of His Redemption.

Yes my brothers and sisters, Christ’s redemption is not limited only to fallen humanity thirsty for salvation. Christ’s redemption involves the entire Cosmos, and there is no particle of Creation, however small or minuscule it may be, that does not participate and has not been reached by the power of his Resurrection.

However, there is an even more incomprehensible mystery involved in this feat of Redemption that is never annulled: the Freedom of Man. God has recreated all things in his Only Begotten Son, God has saved the whole World with the death and resurrection of his Son, but even though this divine action of the Eternal Son is sufficient to save all, and extends to all creatures, it can only reach with saving effect those who freely and voluntarily open themselves to this Unmerited Grace. Only those who accept the offered Salvation can be saved, only those who want to love and believe Him will go to God. What a chilling mystery!

In this fragment of the Gospel that St. John puts in the mouth of Jesus, when he converses with Nicodemus, the eternal Blessedness or the terrible condemnation is at stake for all of us. Nicodemus could be any one of us, who in the midst of «discreet darkness» approaches Jesus with hesitation. The night of Nicodemus ended with the morning of Christ’s Resurrection. May this Easter season be our opportunity, without hesitation, to dawn to the true Life with Jesus, the only possible salvation. Amen.

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